Mary Essling, RDH

Profession:  Director of Dental Benefits Programs, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Expertise: Procedural coding, reimbursement  and contractual expertise

Personal Interests: Travel, family and dogs

Location: Chicago, IL

Affiliate Liaison
1st Term 2024



Dr. Michael Goldberg

Profession: Periodontist, private practice for 29 years. Board of Director for Northeast Delta Dental for 12 years.

Expertise: Periodontics and Implants. Knowledgeable in corporate dental insurance policy.

Personal Interests: Family, golf, travel.

Location: Bangor, ME

Associate Liaison




Dr. H. Fred Howard, Parliamentarian

Profession: Private practice of General Dentistry for 37 years, Dental Consultant for Avesis and Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry, University of Kentucky, College of Dentistry.

Expertise:  Claims review

Personal Interests: Travel, Hiking and Photography

Location: Harlan, Kentucky




Dr. D. Scott Navarro

Profession: DDS, Masters in Health Services Administration, Certified Dental Consultant, Independent contractor Guardian First Commonwealth Dental Plan

Expertise: Dental Program Policy, Benefit Design, Dental Claims and Utilization Review, Liaison with Organized Dentistry

Personal Interests: Theater, Acting, Writing short stories, Reading, Walking, Spectator sports

Location: Oakland, Florida

1st Term 2025



Dr. Clayton O. Pesillo, Editor

Profession: General dental practice for 42 years. Dental advisor/director for Pennsylvania Blue Shield/UCCI for 39 years. 

Expertise: Utilization Review, claims payment policy, benefit design, EBD, network communication, quality assurance. 

Personal Interests: Private pilot, golf, travel 

Location: Harrisburg, PA

6th Term 2022



Dr. Terrence Poole

Profession: General Dentistry, Private Practice, Certified Dental Consultant  

Expertise: Comprehensive dentistry, Consulting in areas of Hospital Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Pedodontics, Public Health Dentistry, General Dentistry, Fraud, Waste and Abuse  

Personal Interests: Promoting dental and overall health and wellness. Emphasizing exercise and healthy food choices. Skiing, Running, Cycling, Golf, Travel and Family activities

Location: Residence and Office in Cincinnati, OH, Residence in Phoenix, AZ

2nd Term 2024


Dr. Wayne Silverman

Profession: General Dentist, practicing part time; Dominion National Dental Director

Expertise: Utilization Management

Personal Interests: Golf; Reading, Travel

Location: Hanover, PA

Term 2025


Dr. Madeline Anderson Thomas

Profession: Dental Director 

Expertise: Quality Management, Quality Improvement, Quality Assurance, Utilization Review, Complaint Resolution, Clinical Policy

Personal Interests: Family, Community Involvement, Reading, Travel

Location: Cedar Hill, TX

1st Term 2023


Dr. Linda Vidone

Profession: Vice President of Clinical Management at Delta Dental of MA and Dental Director at DentaQuest.  Part time private practice as a Periodontist

Expertise: Claim Review, Fraud and Abuse, Quality Improvement Programs and Dental Implants

Personal  Interests: Travel, movies and sports

Location: Boston, MA


1st Term 2023


Dr. Marc Zweig

Profession: Dental and Periodontal Consultant, Medical Claims Reviewer Advisor for Cigna Healthcare

Expertise: Specialty License in Periodontics

Personal  Interests: Travel

Location: Boynton Beach, FL

1st Term 2026


Ellen Kessler

Profession: Executive Director

Expertise: Association Management

Location: St. Louis, MO