"AI: Implications for the Future of Dental Benefits & Practice"

Justin Lahullier, MS & Kevin Northover, PHD

CE Credit hours:1Kevin Northover Picture

Justin and Kevin will describe their deployments and experiments applying AI methods to several areas of operations. For clinicians they analyze dental imagery to detect disease and validate procedures. For customer service they are using natural language processing to characterize call center conversations and have both improved the caller experience and obtained significant cost savings.

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:Justin Lahullier Picture

  • What AI approaches are suited for and how we choose projects and techniques
  • Where AI adds value for providers, patients, and payers
  • Using “cloud computing” for rapid deployment and scalability


JUSTIN LAHULLIER, MS is the Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Services for Delta Dental of New Jersey. He has held several key positions in areas including Compliance, Product Development, Strategic Planning, and Informatics. 

Justin’s current focus is on driving value from all areas of IT to the business and external partners with a focus on optimizing IT delivery and support. Justin also has launched the company’s first IT focused 18-month professional development program dubbed “CIO University.” The mission of Delta Dental of NJ/CT’s IT department is to delivers value by providing innovative, cost-effective technology, security and analytic services that are strategically aligned with business goals and objectives, while delivering excellence in customer service.

Lahullier holds a master’s in Health Care Administration from Monmouth University and a Post Graduate Certificate from Drexel University in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

KEVIN NORTHOVER, PHD, Lead Data Scientist, directs the development of new applications and solutions using machine and deep learning for Delta Dental of New Jersey.  He has developed algorithms and solutions for a variety of industries and applications including: healthcare, financial services, law enforcement and entertainment.  He has led the implementation of trading and risk management applications for equity, debt and derivatives businesses for major brokerage firms. He has also implemented customer onboarding, operations workflow, and document management solutions.

Kevin holds a B.A. degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in Astronomy from the University of Cambridge.