Charles Blair, DDS

"Administration Compliance"

Charles Blair, DDS

CE Credit hours:1.5

Dental insurance programs with their invariable administrative requirements can be onerous and overwhelming for dental consultants and dental offices to
fully understand. This program will discuss key strategies to save time, prevent hassles, and reduce unnecessary administrative burdens. Attendees will receive essential tools to properly submit dental insurance claims, calculate primary and secondary insurance patient responsibility, identify and handle claim rejections and denials, and provider write-offs.

Upon completion, attendees will be able to:
• Identify the most common administration issues in dental practice and how to correctly facilitate and administer these issues
• Understand Coordination of Benefits
• Understand co-pay forgiveness, discounting, documentation requirements and ICD-10-CM codes as they apply to dentistry

CHARLES BLAIR, DDS is CEO of Dr. Charles Blair & Associates, Inc. located in North Carolina. A graduate of Erskine College, he earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In addition, Dr. Blair holds degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, and Mathematics.
Dr. Charles Blair is dentistry’s leading authority on practice profitability, fee analysis, insurance coding strategies and strategic planning. He has individually consulted with thousands of practices, helping them identify and implement new strategies for greater productivity and profitability. A widely-read and highly-respected author and publisher, Dr. Blair has authored and co-authored several business and finance books, as well as contributed numerous articles in various dental publications. He currently offers several publications, Coding with Confidence: The “Go To” Dental Coding Guide, Administration with Confidence: The “Go To” Insurance Administration Guide, Diagnostic Coding for Dental Claim Submission, Medical Dental Cross Coding with Confidence and the Insurance Solutions Newsletter.