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Massachusetts Dental Society Supports Delta Dental's Proposed Changes to Coverage Plans

Massachusetts Dental Society Supports Delta Dental’s Proposed Changes To Coverage Plans.

The Boston Globe (6/17, McCluskey) reports that “Delta Dental of Massachusetts is proposing changes to its coverage plans that dentists now support, even though the changes will require them to accept a pay cut.” The article explains that last year the insurer “introduced a lower-cost plan,” which dentists said could reduce “reimbursement rates by up to 30 percent.” Dentists were also concerned Delta Dental would promote the lower-cost plan while phasing out the Premier insurance plan. Last week, however, “Delta Dental proposed changes to the Premier plan that company officials said will allow them to continue selling the plan for years to come,” and “the Massachusetts Dental Society said it supports the proposed changes even though the insurer will require dentists to take a pay cut of 9 percent or 10 percent.” The state Division of Insurance still needs to approve Delta Dental’s proposal, which “follows several months of discussions with the dental society.” The article notes that “Delta will also continue offering the lower-cost PPO.”