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California Senate Passes Bill to Increase Value, Transparency of Dental Plans

California Senate Passes CDA-Sponsored Bill To Increase Value, Transparency Of Dental Plans.

The California Dental Association (6/18) reports on its website that in late May, CDA-sponsored Senate Bill 1008 “passed the Senate with bipartisan support despite strong opposition from the dental plan lobby.” The bill “calls for more value and transparency from dental plans,” requiring “standardized disclosures for all dental benefit plans using a uniform Summary of Benefits and Coverage template.” SB 1008 “also requires plans to disclose specific information to out-of-network providers so they can help their patients make informed decisions regarding their dental treatment.” CDA President Natasha Lee, DDS, said, “With SB 1008, we continue our advocacy work to hold dental benefit plans accountable and require greater plan transparency so consumers can make purchasing decisions knowing more about how their health care dollars are spent.” The bill now heads to the state Assembly.