AADC Board of Directors

 Suzanne Achenbaugh

Profession: Direct, Dental Relations and Product Development at Delta Dental Plans Association

Expertise: Claims processing and policies, dental network development, dental product and plan design

Location: Oak Brook, IL

Affiliate Liaison 
1st Term 2020

Dr. Kay D. Eckroth

Profession: Chief Dental Officer, CDC, AHFI 

Expertise: Quality Management, Fraud and Abuse, Clinical Policy, Product based network development and compensation models including business and clinical management expertise

Personal Interests: Art, travel, and music

Location: Richardson, TX

1st Term 2019

Dr. O. Andy Elliott

Profession: General Dentist; Assistant State Dental Director

Expertise: 34 years dental practice; 7 years dental consulting

Personal Interests: Horses, travel, golf

Location: Martin, KY

1st Term 2021

Dr.Thaddous Archie

Profession: Dentist, Policy and Risk Management, California Dept of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Health Care Services; Private practice - Archiedentalgroup established in 1981

Expertise: Dental Director - Health Services Benefit Administrators and Delta Health Service: Specializing in dental plan design, claims review and utilization studies for Taft-Hartley Trust Funds. 

Personal Interests: Music production, Golf, Fishing, Photography, Community Outreach.

Location: Fair Oaks and American Canyon, California

1st Term 2020

Dr. Clayton O. Pesillo

Profession: General dental practice for 42 years. Dental advisor/director for Pennsylvania Blue Shield/UCCI for 39 years. 

Expertise: Utilization Review, claims payment policy, benefit design, EBD, network communication, quality assurance. 

Personal Interests: Private pilot, golf, travel 

Location: Harrisburg, PA

5th Term 2017

Dr. Jonathan W. Rich

Profession: Full time private practice, General Dentist, Consultant for Avesis, Consultant for Guardian's SIU Department, Certified Dental Consultant

Expertise: Claims Review, Fraud and Abuse, Medicaid and private insurance policy

Personal Interests: Family, travel, automobiles, community involvement

Location: Dry Ridge, KY

1st Term 2021

Dr. Robert Rosenthal

Profession: General Dentist private parctice 37 years; Part-time claims consultant

Expertise: Utilization review; Benefits design and claims payment policy

Personal Interests: Travel, Fishing music, photography

Location: Raleigh, NC


1st Term 2019            

Dr. Terrence Poole

Profession: General Dentistry, Private Practice, Clinical Dental Director for Cincinnati Health Dept Clinic, Consultant 

Expertise: Comprehensive dentistry, Consulting in areas of Hospital Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Pedodontics, Public Health Dentistry, General Dentistry, Fraud, Waste and Abuse 

Personal Interests: Promoting dental and overall health and wellness. Emphasizing exercise and healthy food choices. Skiing, Running, Cycling, Golf, Travel and Family activities

Location: Residence and Office in Cincinnati, OH, Residence in Phoenix, AZ 

1st Term 2020

Ellen Kessler

Executive Director