AADC Members are dedicated to serving patients, the public, purchasers of dental benefits, and the profession of dentistry. An experienced dental benefits consultant can provide valuable insight and input on:

  • Network issues

  • Dental claim policy and standards of care

  • Dental plan coverage and utilization management 

Our goal is to connect dentists and others involved in dental benefits consulting and administration, to identify and promote best practices, and to advance education and promote a common base of knowledge for consistent, evidence-based plan and claims evaluations.

Mission Statement

American Association of Dental Consultants' mission is to serve in the best interests of patients, consumers,  purchasers of healthcare benefits, and the dental profession through competent, informed, consistent, and ethical decision making.  

Vision Statement

AADC's vision is to advance, promote and maintain the knowledge and expertise of dental consultants through support, professional development, and advocating for its members.

The Beacon

THE BEACON informs members about the latest issues affecting dentistry and dental benefits. An annual subscription to the publication is included in your membership fee.